The Features Of A Dog-Friendly Vehicle

As a dog owner, it’s hard to leave your furry friend behind. Luckily, stores, parks, and even restaurants now welcome dogs into their establishment. All you need is a car with these pet-friendly features to transport your four-legged companion.

Safe Ways To Secure Your Dog

Securing a dog in the car keeps them from escaping the vehicle. It also prevents them from getting hurt if you have to make an abrupt stop. A roomy interior or large cargo space allows you to safely clip a dog harness to the seat belt or strap a crate to the floor.

Easy Options For Entry And Exit

When your dog gets in and out of the car, you want it to be an easy experience. It if is too difficult or a bit painful, they will resist riding with you. A vehicle with sliding rear seats and wide-opening doors, helps them to step down from the seat and then out of the car.

Ultimately, you know what would be best for your family and lifestyle. Feel free to stop by and browse through our inventory of vehicles and take a test drive today.


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