If you own a vehicle, it’s inevitable that the paint is going to get scratched or dented at some point. For owners, the first nick is always the worse! However, this does not have to be the end of the world because this can be remedied using touch up paint. The first thing you want to do is match the paint with the car paint. The number and color code can be found on the firewall of the vehicle. If you need assistance, feel free to come to Jim Vreeland Ford in Buellton, CA for tips and ideas.

Using #220 sandpaper, gently sand and rust or uneven areas until smooth. You do not want to be painting over dirt or rust. Wash the area completely, and make sure it’s dry. Apply a thin coat of primer with a matchstick or tiny paintbrush. Paint the area, making sure to apply it from the outer edge and work inward. Allow it to dry for a couple of days, and then take it through the car wash for a wash and wax. This will make the paint look even better.

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