Our Buellton, CA Jim Vreeland Ford team loves the Ford Edge for its professional styling, fuel efficiency, and impressive tech features. Covering everything from safety to entertainment and shopping, this two-row SUV has plenty of standard tech features to enhance your daily driving experience.

Lane-Keeping Alert

It only takes a moment of distraction for unintentional lane drifting to happen. Luckily, the Ford Edge can sense when you drift. It uses a camera to scan lane markings and sense your trajectory. If you veer, the Ford Edge warns you through steering wheel vibrations. If drifting continues, the Ford Edge can even deploy subtle steering wheel torque to help steer you back into your lane.

The FordPass App

Interfacing with Ford's in-vehicle infotainment platform, the FordPass App transforms your smartphone into a mobile Ford Edge command center. Start and stop the engine remotely. Lock or unlock doors or locate your vehicle remotely. The FordPass app also enables you to obtain vehicle status checks and earn points through the FordPass Rewards system.

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